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What different types of Content Management Systems are there?
Saturday, February 11th, 2012 | Author:

Question by gl4375: What different types of Content Management Systems are there?
I have a requirement for a J2EE developer with CMS…what different types of cms could the client be looking for?

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Question by kelpiemoon23: How does Vista get along with different Content Management Systems?
I edit content for several websites using different CMS e.g Ektron, Mambo etc. I am “upgrading” to Vista on my home laptop and as i sometimes work from home I want feedback on any issues with using these systems on Vista.

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Answer by nospeed701
Its actually not that bad. The only advice that one can give with vista is to make sure the UAC (user account Control) is turned off and you shouldnt have any problems with your different programs. you should make sure that its turned off before you install the new programs.

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Question by No Name: What different between Web Programming & Web Application Development?
What different between Web Programming (PHP,ASP,C+,HTML and etc … ) & Web Application Development ?
Is the word of web programming and web application development same meaning?

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Answer by LoverOfWine
I would move ASP, C++ into WAD. Basically the difference is in level of capability.

Typical web programming reference to simple web pages, with some level of sophistication & capability.

Web application development is about developing web based solutions that use front end web clients that interact with back end web & database servers to provide a solution.

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